Važna informacija za registrovane korisnike starog sajta

Dear users,

We would like to inform you that a new site for ticket sales "" has been launched. This site aims for a better user experience, easier and faster ticket purchase, many features and many other benefits for users.

Regaerdnig this, users who have so far had an account on the old site "", with their parameters will not be able to log on to the new site. It is necessary to create a new account on the new site, which can be done at this link: 

Registered users on the new site will have new features on their profile, such as: saving tickets and directly downloading tickets from the account, sending tickets to other registered users, quick subscription to the newsletter, list of favorite artists ... Benefits for registered users have further developing and improving, so there will be other useful features on the new site in the future.

We hope that in our new online environment you will have a faster, better and easier experience with: buying tickets, storing and sending them, information about current and upcoming events and other opportunities and benefits that offers.

Your Ticket Vision