Veče sa Cohenom

Almost five years since the very first performance of "An Evening with Cohen" event, Maja Posavec and Ivan Kapec are coming to Belgrade for the premiere, more precisely to the Dorćol Platz on Saturday, August 20th! “An Evening with Cohen” is a sort of an hommage to this never forgotten Canadian "artist of love and death", and Maja and Ivan released an album of the same name in 2019. The concept gained exceptional popularity outside of Croatia, so in addition to several concerts in Zagreb, the ones in Sarajevo and Mostar were also sold out.

An Evening with Cohen is more of an interpretation than a regular concert, largely inspired by the album "Famous Blue Raincoat" by Jennifer Warnes, who covered Cohen's songs in her own specific way in 1987, and was his backing vocalist at concerts in the 70s and 80s. Maja and Ivan will interpret all other Leonardo's timeless hits, and Maja's recitals of Cohen's songs in Croatian give a special note.

"During those evenings, apart from me singing, I am also reciting  Cohen's poetry. The initial idea was for it to be a meditative evening of poetry. When we started the rehearsals, we knew that we didn't want to just play Cohen and we always started from the text and looked for our own personal author's interpretation. It was quite spontaneous for both of us, as we are both lovers of poetry and Cohen gave us a lot of opportunities to express ourselves. What we could not have expected and what we were a little afraid of was the audience's feedback. But they responded with an open heart towards our interpretations, people followed us in silence and trust was created in which we could exchange our sorrows, pains, passions and joys, all through our beloved Cohen." (Maja Posavec, for the Ravno Do Dna portal)