Garden of light - Alice in Wonderland

The first light exhibition in Belgrade


"Alice in Wonderland" is the first multimedia exhibition based on light technologies in Belgrade. The light exhibition, which lasts for 4 months, will appear in a specially arranged space of the Makiš Park. 

The organizer of the event is the company Garden of Lights, which has been operating with great success on the Polish market for several years. This year, Garden of Light will appear in 6 Polish cities, as well as in Riga, Budapest, Bucharest and Belgrade. During the exhibition, all viewers will have a unique opportunity to embark on a journey through the metaphorical, multimedia world of Alice, follow the light trails and meet the crazy, almost unreal inhabitants of Wonderland. Thanks to spectacular light installations, they will look into the Rabbit Hole, meet the grinning Cheshire Cat, Mr. Caterpillar smoking a pipe, attend Mad Tea Party and visit the Queen of Hearts in her castle. All designed light figures will be surrounded by multimedia illuminations that harmonize with sound, image and music, which guarantees many wonderful emotions and unforgettable impressions. 

The exhibition area will also feature a unique 8-meter multimedia Christmas tree, three multimedia light tunnels (12, 60 and 100 meters long), 250 m2 field of lights, interactive light playground and many other attractions. The exhibition is a great way to spend time outdoor in the winter, break away from the routine of everyday life and experience magical moments together with friends and family. 


About wonderful Lighting - the Garden of Lights brand

The company has been operating since 2020. Our first exhibition illuminated the Garden of Experiences in Krakow in 2020. S. Lem. The exhibition attracted a record number of visitors. During the five months of exhibition, it was viewed by nearly 300,000 people. people. So far, our exhibitions in Krakow have been visited by over half a million guests. We acquired another location in Warsaw and Chorzów. Legendia Śląskie Wesołe Miasteczko joined the group of our Partners in 2021

last year, the city of Gdynia, from which we rented the area in Kolibki Park. During 3 seasons, all our exhibitions were visited by 1.2 guests.

In 2023, we acquired two more locations: Wrocław (the oldest and most frequently visited zoo in Poland) and Szczecin - our exhibition will be held at the Arkonka Recreation Area.

Brand mission: Our mission is to create magical experiences using light and sound. Thanks to technology and creativity, we build fairy-tale spaces that allow you to enjoy time together with your loved ones and break the routine of everyday life. Our exhibitions tell stories of universal values because we want Gardens of Light to inspire visitors to follow their dreams, imagination and introduce positive changes in the real world.