Audio Forum 2022

Audio Forum 2022 is the ninth edition of the only annual conference for professionals, enthusiasts and students in the field of audio production in Serbia organized by the Masiv Association. The conference will be held at the Parobrod Cultural Center on December 6 and 7, followed by a workshop in Room 62 of the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade on December 8, 2022.

This year's edition was made possible by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia and the Amisys company.

Guest appearances by world superstars are never absent at the Audio Forum, nor are they this time as well! Three days of numerous events will enable participants to educate themselves, develop or start a professional network, look for or offer jobs and actively participate in the development of the audio community in Serbia. The organizer will announce the final lecturer lineup later, and for now the following names have been confirmed:

  • Michael Brauer,  Music Mixer @ the Electric Lady Studio B (NYC) will be joining us via video call, with the topic "About mixing music for the world's biggest productions". He is a legendary music mixer who, in his thirty-year career, collaborated with the most popular artists in various genres, from the Rolling Stones to Coldplay. He is a seven-time Grammy winner, long respected for the sonic approach he calls "BRAUERIZE"! He will contact us from his studio "Electric Lady", where he has an unprecedented collection of vintage processors.
  • Randy Thom, Director of Sound Design @ Skywalker Sound will be joining us via video call, with the topic "On Sound Design in Animated Film". "Sound guru", educator, one of the most important sound designers with fifteen nominations and two Oscars received, for both feature and animated films. An impressive work biography that speaks for itself and which features films like Apocalypse Now, The Right Stuff, Star Wars, Forrest Gump, The Revenant, but also the animated films Ice Age, How to Train Your Dragon, Rio, Shrek, The Incredibles…
  • Martin Stig Andersen Video game composer and sound designer will be joining us via video call, with the topic "Q&A with Martin Stig Andersen". Martin is known for the music and sound for the famous titles LIMBO, INSIDE, Wolfenstein ll: The New Colossus, Back 4 Blood and Control. He'll be joining us for a Q&A session at Audio Forum 2022. Finally, you'll be able to ask the questions that have surely been piling up since the time of the LIMBO title! If we behave, he might tell us exactly how he worked on the sound for The Huddle from INSIDE.
  • Dimitrije Cvetković, Head of Audio @ Mad Head Games, will be joining us on the spot, with the topic “Deep dive into music design for AA sci-fi game 'Scars Above'”. He is a long-time sound designer for video games and an alumni of the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. While working at Mad Head Games, part of the Embracer Group, he dealt with sound and music for a wide range of game genres, for the most diverse audiences. He will present to us in detail the process of planning, producing and implementing the music for the upcoming title "Scars Above".

We expect more speakers in the coming period with the final schedule after that.